Monday, December 26, 2011

on moving forward

So, as always, it has been a long time since I have last posted anything here, and as such, there is a TON of new information to realy, so I'll try and take it one at a time

I just finished up (and pushed to github) the port of the code to lwjgl, and am quite happy to say the least that I finally grasp the fundamentals of 3D graphics. And hence, having achieved this little goal, I have decided to move on to my next goal, creating a complete game

In order to do this, I have always heard that the best possible way is to pick the simplest game one can think of, and hence, I decided that the simplest game I could ever create which would be satisfactory would be a 2D shooter / platformer. I will also add in some elements of physics in it to make it SUPER awesome

So, this blog is mainly to say that I am moving forward with Colour Wars (yes, that title is in fact, a work-in-progress). I have nailed down the creation of the basic outline of the engine, and have made it into an entity engine, with each new piece of functionality being added in as a new component (Render component, input component, etc)

This has worked well so far, and for the next step, I will add in some physics elements to it. In the first iteration, I will just add in collision detection. I have chosen to use the JBox2D engine, which came in highly recommended from a number of websites, and so, looks pretty cool enough

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