Friday, September 23, 2011

on Basics, Setup & building a wireframe

Finally some time to get some work done, starting with the port of Lesson 1, and I am super happy to have finally some good quality code that I have pushed to the git repo

I had already downloaded & setup LWJGL to be used with eclipse (forever my IDE of choice) through the guides at their wiki (which is quite excellent, I have to say). The process was flawless and quite seemless really, which took about 20 minutes, all in all

Next up, I headed to the OpenGL Modern Programming wikibook, and fired up the first lesson. At first glance, I could quite easily figure out that it was all about the "programmable graphics pipeline (PGP)" which I always kept hearing about, but had absolutely no idea what it was, so this seemed quite a good start. However, reading into 2-3 paragraphs I realised that the PGP was all about shaders, written through the GLSL. More stuff that I've always heard about, but never quite understood, GREAT!

After reading through, I realised that most of the code was just foundation and wireframes to setup the window & initialise OpenGL inside it, then it was all about loading the shaders and using them to draw & colour the scene; this meant I needed to figure out where shaders fit into the picture with LWJGL. Wiki to the rescue, I found out a great tutorial about getting GLSL shaders to work with LWJGL

I have read through said article and have completed building the wireframe, where the code currently does nothing in the render method but sit temptingly waiting to replace the // TODO line. Since I've had a quite long weekend, and since this is the last day of work today, I think I'll be done today thus far, and will continue off on Saturday (weekend in Egypt) and fire up the shaders

Till then

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