Sunday, September 25, 2011

on Finishing up & exercises

So, I finally got down to completing just the last bits of the first tutorial (I am going at a very slow pace at the moment, but things should pick up a little once I have a little more idea what's going on). I covered all the tutorial work and even changed the code a couple times to match the tutorial exactly in terms of colours & vertex positions

As for the code itself, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I had lost it all to a stupid mistake because I was basically up coding till around 6AM, which is never a good time to use any FORCE flags, specially when coupling it with a git remove!

Anyhow, I think this git mishap might have actually been a good thing, because second time around, I completely wrote down the code from my understanding of it, and I managed to do it this time in a much cleaner and refactored way; which really paid off while doing the exercises, since other code parts could easily be plugged in. Also, what I'm really getting out of this is proficiency with git, whose workflow I'm really begining to like

In other news, I have signed up with a Reddit class about Game Programming which seems to be quite promising, and I think will be a great addition to keep me going forward. It should last 20 weeks, but seriously covers all the areas I've always wanted to read about

I am also trying to get more into the smaller details about Cubic Wars, so that when I know what I need to know, I will know what I want to do with it

Stay tuned... next couple of weeks will probably be interesting for anyone who wants to watch as one employed programmer strives to go indie and live his dream :)


  1. we can hardly wait for such an indie :)

  2. Told ya...better work in the morning :/ sorry about the code loss though